Technical Features

C-AB20141MGSOur bobbins are designed for fixed-reel  surfcasting, although thanks to our previous innovations in rapid and powerful antifriction lines, they can also be used for Carp fishing.

An innovational design featuring a cone-shaped piece for easy threading as well as a wider upper lip and ample range at the top, allows the thread to unwind from the bobbin with less friction and minimum contact.

This system was created with the latest 2D and 3D CAD-CAM software technology (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) by highly qualified programmers who tested on beaches and along rivers. The result is a notable increase in distance not only due to the upper lip but also to the fact that DELRIN keeps friction to a minimum.


This system consists in a friction clutch composed of several carbon fiber discs and one in INOX stainless steel, making it light-weight and durable, thanks to the hardness of the steel and the carbon itself.

The system is cased in a DELRIN flange held in place by INOX stainless steel screws, which protects it from outside agents.

Our friction brake system clutch works instantaneously and allows for high precision control.  What’s more it releases with only a half-turn of the wing nut.


An innovational threading system involves inserting the thread into a micro hole  (0.5 mm in diameter) located in the first groove at the bottom of the cone, which is held in place by a knot inside the bobbin so as not to interfere with the thread itself during the process.